If these accessories are good enough for the likes of Kylie Jenner, they’re 100% something we need to be using. With 10/10 style ratings mixed with brilliant innovation, see what you’ve been missing out on in tech accessories.

Here’s our quick list of 10 most stylish and gorgeous tech accessories you need to get your hands on.

1. Clutch bag

This petite and gorgeous clutch is full of style and surprises. Has an inbuilt charger for your phone and enough room for keys and make up. perfect for a night out.

SEE MORE HERE — Modestrove

Cost — £90

2. Marble and Rose Gold Mac Book Case

Marble & Rose Gold Case for Mac Book is available at ETSY. You can also purchase a matching iPhone case.


Cost — £41.14

3. Rose Gold Fit Bit (Flex 2). —

‘Transform your tracker into jewellery with this beautiful accessory. This hand-polished bangle is as fitting for work as it is for weddings.’

Cost — £72.00

4. USB Tassel key chain.

Make finding your keys at the bottom of your bag and charging your phone easier with the USB tassel key chain. Choose from a selection of colors.

SEE MORE HERE — https://www.groupon.co.uk/

Cost — £12.49

5. Charging Phone Case

‘The protective, yet light-weight design delivers more than 100% extra battery with the flip of a switch. Made for iPhone 6s / 6, this is the ideal everyday case to keep you charged through the day and well into the night.’

SEE MORE HERE — http://uk.mophie.com/shop/juice-pack-air-iphone-6

Cost — £89.95

6. Smart Bra Case

‘The Sensilk X1 Transmitter and SOAR sensor are integrated into the fabric, and track the user’s heart rate, calories burned, duration, distance, and even days used since last workout. The data is analyzed in real-time for each workout and provides the user a fitness score.’

SEE MORE HERE — https://thenetofallthings.com/sensilk-take-flight-tech-kit-20150610/

Cost — £140

7. Beautiful Earphones.

‘Meet the original rose gold headphones which started a fashion craze! “Stylish,” “Cool,” “Cute,” “Pretty,” “Amazing:” just a few ways people have described the beautiful FRENDS Taylor and Layla in Rose Gold. Experience unparalleled sound, while turning heads with this must-have accessory.’

SEE MORE HERE — https://eu.wearefrends.com/collections/baublebar/

Cost — £150

8. Solar Powered Charger

This eco friendly and innovative method of charging means you’ll never be caught short with no battery. All you need is a window and away you go.

SEE MORE HERE— https://www.amazon.com/GreenLighting-Solar-Phone-Charger-2000mAh/dp/B0189MLWZ2

Cost — £30

9. Clip-on Beauty Light

If you’re a vlogger on the go or just trying to boost your Instagram game, this is the light to have. A flawless finish in the worst of light conditions.

SEE MORE HERE — http://az-express.com/product/simr-new-arrival-led-ring-flash-fill-light-clip-photo-camera-for-cell-phone-smartphone-self-timer-beauty-light.32788379361.html

Cost — £3.99

10. Stylish Speakers

‘These bluetooth speakers designed by Jakob Wagner draws its visual cues from the 12-sided dodecahedron, allowing it to exude cool tunes from more than one surface’

SEE MORE HERE — http://www.buro247.sg/lifestyle/technology/techthursday-bn0-play-s3.html


Some or all of these gorgeous tech accessories will give you that edge of practicality and style. Hopefully, this lovely items not only make you’re life easier, but will give you a hit of happiness as well.